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Discover Bio/Data's Complete Solutions for Platelet Aggregation Testing

Bio/Data Corporation is proud to offer a comprehensive array of Platelet Aggregation Products, including but not limited to Aggregometers, Platelet Centrifuges, Aggregation Reagents, Consumables, and a diverse selection of Accessories. This extensive product line is meticulously designed to cater to the complete needs of laboratories specializing in the field of platelet aggregation.

ADP Reagent
ADP Reagent

Catalog # 101312

Combo Kit
BETA/PAK  ADP, Collagen, & Ristocetin

Catalog # 101580

Epinephrine Reagent
Epinephrine Reagent

Catalog # 101311

Lyophilized Platelets
Lyophilized Platelet 10mL

Catalog # 101258  

PAP-8E Extended
Warranty, One Year
PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer One Year Extended Warranty

Catalog # 106845

PAP-8E Tele-Check √
PAP-8E Tele-Check Calibration

Catalog # 107441

Charging Stands
Pipette Charging Stand

Catalog # 106560

Printer Paper
Printer Paper PAP-4 Series

Catalog # 105598

Hand Sanitizer
Select Hand Sanitizer

Catalog # 107570

Test Tubes, Macro
Test Tubes Macro

Catalog # 100336

Tris Buffered Saline
Tris Buffered Saline

Catalog # 100991

vW Factor Assay®
vW Factor Assay, Ristocetin CoFactor

Catalog # 103025

Ristocetin 10 - 15mg
AggRecetin Ristocetin

Catalog # 100970

Calcium Chloride
Calcium Chloride

Catalog # 100989

LTA Check™ √  Performance Monitoring Test Kit
LTA Check Test Kit

Catalog # 107117

Lyophilized Platelets
Lyophilized Platelet 4mL

Catalog # 101595 

PAP-8E Extended
Warranty, Two Year
PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Two Year Extended Warranty

Catalog # 106846

Combo Kit
PAR/PAK II: ADP, Collagen, & Epinephrine

Catalog # 101310

Pipette Tips
Pipette Tips Refill

Catalog # 106554

Profiler Paper
Profiler Paper PAP-4 Series

Catalog # 101375

Sodium Citrate 
Sodium Citrate

Catalog # 100994

Test Tubes, Micro
Test Tubes Micro

Catalog # 101521

U-46619 TX A2
U-46619 TX A2

Catalog # 107462

vW Normal
Control Plasma
vW Normal Control Plasma

Catalog # 106426

Ristocetin 100mg
AggRecetin Ristocetin

Catalog # 101241


Catalog # 101162

LTA Check™ √ Performance Monitoring Software
LTA Check Software CD

Catalog # 107149

Stir Bars & Test Tubes
MagneTube: Stir Bars and Test Tubes

Catalog # 107146

PAP-8E Extended
Warranty, Three Year
PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Three Year Extended Warranty

Catalog # 107459

PDQ®, Platelet
Function Centrifuge
PDQ Platelet Centrifuge

Catalog # 106842


Catalog # 101158

Sample Tube Caps
Sample Tube Caps

Catalog # 106899

Stir Bars, Macro
Stir Bars Macro

Catalog # 105977

Transfer Pipettes,
Transfer Pipettes Disposable

Catalog # 106852

UPTT Reagent
UPTT Reagent

Catalog # 105997

vW Normal Reference
vW Normal Reference Plasma

Catalog # 101269

Arachidonic Acid
Arachidonic Acid

Catalog # 101297

Collagen Reagent
Collagen Reagent

Catalog # 101562

Lupus Anticoagulant
Confirmation Reagent™
Lupus Anticoagulant Coagulation Reagent

Catalog # 102516

Platelet Aggregometer
PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer

Catalog # 106075

PAP-8E Software Upgrade
Version 2
PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer V2.1 Software CD

Catalog # 107153

Electronic Pipette
Picus Pipette

Catalog # 106232

Preventive Maintenance
PAP-8E Preventive Maintenance

Catalog # 106953

Sample Tubes
Sample Tubes

Catalog # 106853

Stir Bars, Micro
Stir Bars Micro

Catalog # 105990

TRAP-6 Amide
Trap-6 Amide

Catalog # 106956

vW Abnormal
Control Plasma
vW Abnormal Control Plasma

Catalog # 101270

vW Select®
vW Select, Ristocetin CoFactor Activity Assay System

Catalog # 106730

The study of platelet aggregation holds a paramount position in the investigation of blood clotting mechanisms and the exploration of various conditions associated with it. As an essential aspect of hematology and vascular research, platelet aggregation serves as a cornerstone for understanding and diagnosing various medical conditions.

Bio/Data Corporation's suite of Platelet Aggregation Products is instrumental in facilitating these critical investigations. With a strong emphasis on accuracy and reliability, our products are engineered to ensure consistent and repeatable results. Whether in clinical settings where patient health and diagnosis are at the forefront, research laboratories pushing the boundaries of medical science, or reference laboratories setting the standard for quality and precision, our Platelet Aggregation Products find versatile utility across the spectrum of applications.

Our commitment to delivering high-quality and technologically advanced solutions empowers laboratories to make significant strides in their work. By providing a complete and integrated solution that covers a range of essential equipment and consumables, we are dedicated to supporting the endeavors of healthcare professionals, researchers, and diagnosticians who rely on the study of platelet aggregation to improve human health and advance medical knowledge.

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