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PAP-8E Preventive Maintenance

Catalog No.:        106953


Maximizing Efficiency and Durability: Elevating PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Performance and Longevity Through Preventive Maintenance

The Preventive Maintenance on the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Includes:

  • Thorough Inspection of all Electromechanical Assemblies and Components

  • Comprehensive Ground Continuity and Line Leakage Testing

  • Calibration of all Optics, Circuits and Channels

  • Complete Cleaning of the Interior and Exterior

  • Full Performance Verification and Documentation


Elevate the performance and longevity of your PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer with our comprehensive Preventive Maintenance service. Our dedicated team conducts a thorough inspection of all electromechanical assemblies and components, ensuring that every part is meticulously examined and any potential issues are addressed. Rigorous ground continuity and line leakage testing is performed to guarantee the integrity of the instrument's electrical systems, prioritizing both safety and optimal performance.

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Our experts go further by calibrating all optics, circuits, and channels, ensuring that your platelet aggregometer provides accurate and reliable results. The service extends to a complete cleaning of the interior and exterior, leaving no corner untouched. This not only promotes optimal functionality but also maintains a pristine appearance.


Beyond maintenance, our service significantly increases instrument reliability, minimizing downtime and ensuring consistent, dependable performance. In the rare event of more extensive servicing, we provide loaner analyzers at no additional rental fee, ensuring your workflow remains uninterrupted. We issue Preventive Maintenance and QC Certificates, offering assurance that your PAP-8E is in top-notch condition, and a calibration sticker serves as a visible reminder of our commitment to precision. Choose our Preventive Maintenance service to elevate your laboratory's efficiency with a reliable and high-performing instrument.


We encourage you to delve into the literature available on this page, encompassing the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Preventive Maintenance Product Data Sheet. This information is critical for a comprehensive understanding of product details and specifications.


PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer

PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer

PAP-8E Extended Warranty, One Year Year

PAP-8E One Year Extended Warranty

PAP-8E Extended Warranty, Two Year


PAP-8E Two Year Extended Warranty

PAP-8E Extended Warranty, Three Year

PAP-8E Three Year Extended Warranty

PAP-8E Tele-Check


PAP-8E Tele-Check Calibration
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