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PAP-8E Software  CD

Catalog No.:        107153

Net Contents:      1 Software CD


PAP-8E V2.1 Software Empowerment: Propelling Platelet Aggregometer Capabilities into a New Era of Performance

The PAP-8E Software CD Version 2.1 offers the newest, most friendly software available for the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer.

  • On Demand Optical Calibration Check

  • Unlimited User Defined Test

  • Washed Platelet Sample Test

  • Adjustable Temperature Settings

  • Convenient Database Backup and Recovery

  • Enhanced Password Protection




Introducing the PAP-8E Software CD Version 2.1, a groundbreaking upgrade specifically crafted for the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer. Representing a notable stride in user-centric design, this latest iteration boasts a suite of advanced features that collectively redefine the landscape of platelet aggregation analysis. Foremost among these enhancements is the On-Demand Optical Calibration Check, a user-friendly calibration process that allows the use of purified water, with results conveniently documented for regulatory compliance during inspections.

One of the standout features is the Unlimited User-Defined Test capability, empowering users to tailor and customize tests to align with their unique research or clinical requirements. This flexibility extends to the activation or deactivation of tests at the user's discretion, providing unparalleled adaptability in experimental setups. Furthermore, the addition of the Washed Platelet Sample Test streamlines protocols, facilitating precision in testing by automatically adjusting the optical circuit for optimal performance.

Temperature control takes center stage with the introduction of Adjustable Temperature Settings, enabling users to customize temperatures within a range of 32° to 45°C for user-defined tests. This level of control ensures that experiments are conducted under precise and specified conditions, enhancing the accuracy and reliability of results.

A crucial aspect of the PAP-8E Software CD Version 2.1 is the Convenient Database Backup & Recovery feature. This functionality allows users to safeguard critical data by seamlessly backing up or restoring the database to a CD-ROM or USB Flash Drive, ensuring data integrity and accessibility.

Rounding out the suite of enhancements is the Enhanced Password Protection, a comprehensive security measure that includes operator log-in time-outs, periodic password expiration, and log-in failure lockout mechanisms. This multi-layered approach fortifies the security of patient data, instilling confidence in the protection of sensitive information.

In its entirety, the PAP-8E Software CD Version 2.1 sets a new standard for platelet aggregation software, providing a comprehensive, user-centric, and feature-rich platform for data analysis and experimentation.


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LTA Check Test Kit

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