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LTA Check Test Kit

Catalog No.:        107117

Net Contents:      Reagent 1          1 x   0.5 mL

                            Reagent 2          1 x   4.0 mL

                            Reagent 3          1 x   1.0 mL

                            LTA Diluent         1 x 10.0 mL

                            Ultrapure Water  1 x   1.0 mL

LTA CHECK™ √   Performance Monitoring Test Kit

LTA Check™ √: A Performance Monitoring Test Kit for Ensuring Precision and Compliance in Light Transmission Aggregometers

LTA Check™ is a Performance Monitoring Test Kit used to verify the operation of Light Transmission Aggregometers (LTA) and provide instrument system quality control in the laboratory. 


  • Verify Light Transmission Aggregometer Function

  • Standardize Instrument to Instrument and Site to Site Performance

  • Document Operator Proficiency

  • Identify and Reduce QC Variables

  • Ensure Precision and Reliability of Test Results

  • Comply with Laboratory Regulations


Laboratory testing demands a steadfast commitment to precision, and the LTA Check™ Performance Monitoring Test Kit emerges as a crucial asset in achieving this objective. Specifically engineered to validate and maintain the operational excellence of Light Transmission Aggregometers (LTAs), this innovative kit serves as a comprehensive solution for instrument system quality control.


Channel-to-Channel and Test-to-Test Verification: LTA Check™ adopts a meticulous approach to quality control by facilitating verification at both the channel-to-channel and test-to-test levels. This ensures a thorough examination of the aggregometer system's performance, promoting reliability across diverse testing scenarios.

Integrated Quality Control Practices: Recognizing the pivotal role of quality control in laboratory operations, the LTA Check™ Performance Monitoring Test Kit provides a robust solution. Inappropriate quality control practices can result in severe consequences such as productivity loss, resource wastage, and the dissemination of inaccurate test results. By adopting LTA Check™, laboratories can minimize these risks and enhance overall testing accuracy.

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Agglutination-Induced Evaluation: Built on the principle of inducing agglutination using plasma and reagents, the LTA Check™ generates both slope and percent aggregation results. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of the instrument test system's functionality. Periodic evaluation of these results provides valuable insights into the system's performance.

Comprehensive Data Recording: The LTA Check™ Kit includes a Companion Software for efficient recording of ranges and limits for quality control and system performance. This meticulous documentation and analysis facilitate informed decision-making within the laboratory setting.

In addition to LTAs, the LTA Check™ Performance Monitoring Test Kit was specifically designed for use with the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer, ensuring a versatile solution for laboratory quality control across multiple PAP-8E units at different sites.  The LTA Check™ Kit offers flexibility with options for either nine half-volume tests or 18 full-volume tests, allowing laboratories to tailor their usage based on specific testing needs and resource requirements.

Moreover, with the purchase of twelve LTA Check™ Test Kits, laboratories receive the LTA Check Software CD Free of Charge, providing advanced data management capabilities. Alternatively, the software is available for purchase separately, allowing labs to enhance their analytical capabilities and streamline documentation processes.

The LTA Check™ stands as a revolutionary solution for laboratories aiming to elevate their quality control practices and ensure the precision and reliability of test results. By adopting this Performance Monitoring Test Kit, laboratories can not only comply with regulatory standards but also significantly enhance their operational efficiency and accuracy.

Familiarize yourself with the contents of this page, including the TA Check™ Test Kit Product Data Sheet.  Furthermore, look into the TA Check™ Test Kit Instruction for Use (IFU) and the TA Check™ Test Kit Safety Data Sheet, both provided in six languages.  Ensure compliance and a detailed grasp customized for Europe and the United Kingdom by thoroughly examining the TA Check™ Test Kit EU Declaration of Conformity and UK Declaration of Conformity for our valued customers and distributors.  It is imperative to scrutinize this information for a comprehensive comprehension of the product's details and specifications.


LTA Check 

Software CD

LTA Check Software CD

PAP-8E Extended Warranty, One Year

PAP-8E One Year Extended Warranty

PAP-8E Extended Warranty, Two Year


PAP-8E Two Year Extended Warranty

PAP-8E Extended Warranty, Three Year

PAP-8E Three Year Extended Warranty



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