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Bio/Data Corporation provides a wide variety of Platelet Aggregation Support Literature to assist our Customers with the proper use and application of the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer, PDQ Platelet Function Centrifuge, Aggregation Reagents, Consumables, and Accessories.



The Product Data Sheets Below are for Instruments, Centrifuges, Reagents, Accessories, and Disposables Manufactured or Sold by Bio/Data Corporation.  A Data Sheet is a Document that Summarizes the Performance and Other Characteristics of a Product, Service, or Software in Sufficient Detail.  Data Sheets also Include Features, Advantages, and Benefits of the Product.

Instructions For Use Inserts (IFU) Contain Specific Product Information to Support End Users and Laboratories. These Documents Explain Product Details from Descriptions through Results. The IFU's are Provided in Several Languages to Aid Our Customers Worldwide.

Education Guides Have Been Created by Bio/Data Corporation to Assist the Technician Using Our Instruments, Centrifuges, Pipettes, and Reagents.  We Also Provide Educational Documents to Help Laboratories Around the World.  


Supplemental Technical Bulletins (ST) have been developed as a laboratory aid. They do not alter, revise or change the information provided in the Technical Bulletin included with each product. In accordance with Good Laboratory Practice and regulatory requirements, each laboratory must develop, validate and adopt its own written procedures.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are Documents that List Information Relating to Occupational Safety and Health for the Use of Various Substances and Products.  An SDS Sheet is Provided for Each Reagent Manufactured by Bio/Data Corporation. SDS's are Widely Used System for Cataloging Information on Chemicals, Chemical Compounds, and Chemical Mixtures.  Safety Data Information May Include Instructions for the Safe Use and Potential Hazards Associated with a Particular Material or Product, Along with Spill Handling Procedures.

The Expected Results Chart Demonstrates Results for Platelet Aggregation Responses in Normal Donors.  A PDF File is Available to View, Download, or Print.

Related Links are Provided for Additional Reference for Our Customers.

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