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Transfer Pipettes Disposable

Catalog No.:        106852

Net Contents:      400 / Pack


Seamless Sample Handling: Disposable Transfer Pipettes with Large Bulb and No Carry Over

Large Bulb Single Use Transfer Pipettes.

  • Disposable

  • No Carry Over

  • Large Bulb

  • Fine Point



Enter into a new level of convenience and efficiency with Large Bulb Single-Use Transfer Pipettes. These disposable pipettes represent a synthesis of practical features meticulously designed to redefine your laboratory experience, emphasizing heightened convenience, hygiene, and streamlined workflows in sample handling.

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Experience Ultimate Hygiene with Disposable Design:
Tailored for single-use applications, these transfer pipettes establish a higher standard for cleanliness. Bid farewell to cumbersome and potentially ineffective cleaning procedures, as these disposable pipettes empower you to confidently undertake various liquid transfer tasks without the concern of cross-contamination.

Zero Carry Over, Seamless Handling:
Leave behind worries about carry-over contamination with our revolutionary transfer pipettes. Their advanced design ensures each pipette is utilized only once, preventing the transfer of residual samples between applications. Revel in the peace of mind that your experiments and processes are conducted with seamless precision and cleanliness.

Efficient Liquid Handling with Ample Bulb Capacity:
Streamline your liquid handling tasks with our transfer pipettes featuring a generously sized bulb. Redefining the pipetting process, this design ensures a substantial capacity for sample transfer, allowing you to handle liquids with ease while maintaining accuracy. Say goodbye to repetitive pipetting actions as the large bulb design effortlessly simplifies your workflow. 

User-Friendly Design for Effortless Operation:
Experience unparalleled convenience with the user-friendly design of our transfer pipettes. From intuitive handling to easy disposal, every aspect is crafted with your convenience in mind. These pipettes empower you to focus on your work, knowing that the tools you use enhance rather than hinder your workflow.

Embark on a journey of enhanced convenience, cleanliness, and efficiency with Large Bulb Single-Use Transfer Pipettes. Simplify your laboratory practices effortlessly with these disposable pipettes, meticulously crafted to meet the demands of modern laboratory applications.

We urge you to explore the comprehensive literature on this page, covering the Transfer Pipettes Safety Data Sheet (SDS) presented in six languages. This information is crucial for a thorough grasp of product details and specifications.



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