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PDQ, Platelet Function Centrifuge

Catalog No.:        106842

Net Contents:      1 PDQ Centrifuge

                             Start-Up Supplies


Accelerate Platelet Aggregation Testing with the PDQ Centrifuge for Quick and Efficient Sample Preparation

The PDQTM Platelet Function Centrifuge prepares samples for Platelet Aggregation Testing. The PDQ is for in vitro diagnostic use for rapid separation of whole blood contained in original collection tubes.  The PDQ is a microprocessor controlled high-speed bench top centrifuge designed to rapidly separate blood in the original evacuated or syringe type collection tubes.

  • Specimen to Test in Five Minutes

  • Reproducible Sample Preparation

  • Improved Precision and Repeatability

  • Validated for Platelet Function Testing

  • Small Footprint


The PDQTM Platelet Function Centrifuge is an advanced laboratory instrument designed for the swift and precise preparation of samples intended for Platelet Aggregation Testing. This cutting-edge device is tailored for in vitro diagnostic use, facilitating the rapid separation of whole blood contained in original collection tubes. Operating as a microprocessor-controlled fixed-speed benchtop centrifuge, the PDQ is engineered to deliver efficient and reliable sample processing. 

In a mere five minutes, the PDQ enables the transformation of whole blood specimens from original evacuated or syringe-type collection tubes into Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), Platelet Poor Plasma (PPP), and Platelet Free Plasma (PFP) through its three pre-programmed settings. These distinct process cycles not only provide greater control over the sample preparation but also ensure standardization without any discernible platelet activation.

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One of the distinctive features of the PDQ is its compact design, offering a small footprint in the laboratory environment. This fixed-speed, specialty centrifuge is specifically designed to be stationed next to the platelet aggregometer, streamlining the sample preparation process and enhancing overall efficiency and turnaround time. Despite its multi-speed capabilities, the PDQ operates quietly and without vibration, creating a conducive laboratory environment.

The PDQ's four-position rotor is versatile, accommodating both evacuated specimen collection tubes and aliquot tubes. This flexibility contributes to the instrument's adaptability for various laboratory protocols. As an ideal companion accessory for the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer and other light transmission aggregometers, the PDQ enhances the laboratory's capabilities for Platelet Function Testing.

The device comes equipped with essential startup supplies, ensuring a seamless initiation of operations. Included in the package are 10 transfer pipettes with a large bulb and fine tip, 10 aliquot tubes with caps, a four-position rotor with inserts for 5 mL tubes, a rotor removal tool, a pre-installed PDQ bowl liner, and comprehensive operational and methods manuals in CD format. The package is further complemented by a warranty card, a validation certificate, and a certificate of conformance and validation, attesting to the instrument's reliability and adherence to quality standards. With its innovative features and inclusive accessories, the PDQ Platelet Function Centrifuge stands as a valuable asset for laboratories engaged in Platelet Aggregation Testing, providing reproducible sample preparation with improved precision and repeatability.

Included Start Up Supplies: 

  • Rotor, Four Position Inserts: 5 mL Tube, Set of Four

  • Rotor Removal Tool

  • PDQ® Bowl Liner, Installed

  • Operation and Methods Manuals

  • Warranty Card

  • Validation Certificate

  • Certificate of Conformance and Validation

Take a moment to examine the literature on this page, covering the PDQ Platelet Function Centrifuge Product Data Sheet.  Additionally, for our European and United Kingdom customers and distributors, assess the Platelet Centrifuge's EU Declaration of Conformity and UK Declaration of Conformity to guarantee compliance and a tailored understanding for these specific regions. This information is essential for a thorough grasp of product details and specifications.


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