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One Source for Platelet Aggregation Products & Services
Bio/Data is your natural selection for all of your Platelet Function Testing needs. We offer a wide range of professional, analytical, and technical resources. Our expert Project Managers and their interdisciplinary Teams use state-of-the-art approaches and draw upon their knowledge and therapeutic expertise to anticipate any challenge in creative, compliant ways.  Bio/Data consistently delivers results and confidence you are looking for when you choose a Clinical Trial partner.

Platelet Function Studies provide vital pharmacodynamic and population response data in Trials. These Studies are required for Cardiovascular Drugs, Biological Drugs, Diabetic Drugs, Anti-Platelet Drugs, Factor VIII, von Willebrand Factor, and many more.   With our platelet aggregation system and study support, these Trials are now practical and successful at the Clinical Site level.

With our advanced Analyzers and Reagents, Bio/Data can support the Platelet Function Studies of Phase I and II a Clinical Studies, along with the initiation of Phase II b and Phase III Clinical Trials, which is a crucial undertaking and represents an enormous commitment of resources. This support continues through Phase IV and Post Market Surveillance.  To manage these complex projects, we uses our knowledge and experience to produce reliable data and a well controlled, successful Study.  Bio/Data has one of the most experienced Teams devoted exclusively to Clinical Trials with service experts worldwide.

The PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer and the PDQ, Platelet Function Centrifuge are simple to use, easy to standardize across sites, highly reliable, and require minimal operator training.  With Bio/Data Corporation's support and guidance, our products and services have been used successfully in Clinical Trials, PDPK, and Vigilance Studies ranging from one single site to seventy three sites in over thirty countries.  ​

  • Protocol Development

  • Field Training, Service & Support

  • Single or Multiple Lots

  • Study Design

  • Platelet Function Testing Systems 

  • FDA Mandated Safety Profile Studies

  • Investigator Orientation

  • Site Selection & Validation

  • Operator Training & Proficiency
  • Study Specific Specimen Collection Kits

  • Study Specific Reagents, Assays, & Test Kits

  • Single or Multi-site Performance Monitoring

  • Global Technical Logistical Consultation & Support

  • Tools for Standardized Specimen Collection & Sample Preparation

  • Management Mechanisms for Data Transfer & Acceptability 

We also offer numerous Specialized Services for Clinical Development, including Compound and Vehicle Assessments,
Contract Research Investigations, and Veterinary Studies.  

Bio/Data Corporation Provides the Complete Solution For Your Clinical Trial
Contact Our Customer Service Department for All Clinical Trial and Special Service Inquiries

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