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Empowering Laboratories with Top-Tier Platelet Aggregation Products: Bio/Data Corporation's Range of Excellence

Bio/Data Corporation offers a complete line of Platelet Aggregation Products, including Platelet Aggregometers, Platelet Centrifuges, Aggregation Reagents, Consumables, and Accessories. Our high-quality aggregation products ensure laboratories accurate and repeatable results for Clinical, Research, and Reference Applications.

At Bio/Data Corporation, we understand the importance of precision and consistency in platelet function analysis. Our Platelet Aggregation Products are meticulously designed to meet the exacting standards of laboratories, ensuring that you achieve the most accurate and repeatable results, regardless of your specific application. Trust us to provide the tools you need for excellence in platelet research and diagnostics.


Platelet Aggregation Products


Platelet Aggregometers



Platelet Centrifuge
Aggregation Reagents



Aggregation Combo Kits




Routine Aggregation Reagents
von Willebrand Reagents



Coagulation Reagents

Stir Bars Test Tubes



Aggregation Accessories



Aggregation Clinical Trials



Aggregation Clinical Trials



Aggegation Full Product Line

Our commitment to delivering high-quality aggregation products is driven by the critical importance of platelet function analysis in the field of hematology and coagulation studies. Whether you're conducting vital clinical assessments, advancing cutting-edge research, or establishing reference standards, we have the tools you need to ensure the accuracy and repeatability of your results.

Our Aggregometers are precision instruments that enable you to assess platelet aggregation, providing valuable insights into blood clot formation and the prevention of bleeding disorders. These instruments are the cornerstone of platelet function evaluation in various healthcare and research settings.

Platelet Centrifuges offered by Bio/Data Corporation are meticulously engineered to isolate platelets from whole blood or platelet-rich plasma with utmost efficiency and reliability. This capability is essential for aggregation testing sample preparation.

Our selection of Reagents plays a pivotal role in platelet aggregation assays, inducing platelet activation and aggregation to facilitate in-depth analysis. These chemical components are essential for ensuring the success of your hematology and coagulation experiments.

Platelet Aggregation Combo Kits lead the way in platelet function testing. These kits offer precision and cutting-edge design, simplifying testing by bundling essential reagents. This streamlines the process, saving time and ensuring accuracy, making Bio/Data Corporation's Combo Kits essential for efficient platelet function assessments in clinical and research settings.

Ristocetin (AggRecetin®) is crucial for platelet dynamics, is available in two sizes, showcasing our commitment to versatile solutions for varied laboratory needs in platelet function assessment. This underscores our dedication to delivering top-tier diagnostic solutions, enhancing the precision and efficiency of Ristocetin CoFactor Activity Analysis.

Bio/Data Corporation specializes in supplying Aggregation Research Use Only (RUO) Reagents for platelet aggregation studies and related research. This line includes Trap-6 Amide, U-46619 TX A2, and UPTT Reagent—essential tools for researching platelet function, blood coagulation, and aspects of hemostasis. These reagents help researchers understand how platelets respond to different agonists and investigate factors influencing platelet aggregation, a crucial process in blood clot formation.

Our Routine Aggregation reagents, crafted by Bio/Data Corporation, stand as pioneers in hematology advancements. Renowned for precision and scientific excellence, these specialized reagents unlock the secrets of platelet behavior, providing crucial insights into aggregation. Their unparalleled efficacy significantly contributes to the diagnosis and management of diverse blood disorders and clotting abnormalities. Bio/Data Corporation's trusted Routine Aggregation Reagents set the reliability standard in the field of hematology exploration

Bio/Data Corporation leads in diagnostic innovation, offering a comprehensive range of von Willebrand Products tailored for the complexities of von Willebrand Disease. As pioneers in medical diagnostics, we provide specialized reagents and tools crafted for precise von Willebrand Factor (vWF) evaluation. Our products, from advanced Ristocetin CoFactor Assays to testing kits, ensure accurate diagnoses, effective disease monitoring, and personalized treatment strategies. Committed to excellence and improving patient outcomes, Bio/Data Corporation's von Willebrand Products enhance clinical assessments, setting a higher standard of care for individuals affected by von Willebrand Disease.

Our high-quality Coagulation Reagents, offers a range of products designed to meet the diverse needs of clinical laboratories engaged in coagulation studies. With a commitment to precision, reliability, and innovation, we have established ourselves as a trusted partner for healthcare professionals seeking advanced solutions in the field of hemostasis testing. Our coagulation reagents play a pivotal role in diagnosing and monitoring various clotting disorders, providing essential tools for assessing the intricacies of the clotting cascade.

Our Consumables include an assortment of disposable items and essential supplies that are vital for conducting platelet aggregation assays. From Test Tubes and Pipettes Tips to Stir Bars and other necessary accessories, we offer everything required to perform these experiments efficiently.

Complementing these core products, our Accessories encompass a broad range of equipment and supplementary items, such as PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Software, LTA Check Performance Monitoring Software, a Pipette Charging Stand, along with a Hardware and Software Upgrade to the PAP-8E.  These products enhance the utility of your aggregometers and centrifuges, facilitating a seamless workflow in your laboratory.

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