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Catalog No.:        106075    (USA & Canada)

Catalog No.:        106077    (Export)


Experience Unmatched Accuracy in Hemostasis Testing with the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer

The PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer is an advanced aggregometer for Clinical, Reference, and Research Laboratory applications.  Exceptional ease of use and standardized test procedures allow for rapid, routine testing for platelet function. Comprehensive results include area under the curve, area under the slope, and user defined analyses.

  • Eight Independently Operated Test Channels

  • Nine Test Results Reported per Channel

  • Standard Micro-Volume (225uL) Samples

  • User Defined Test Templates & Protocols

  • Walk-Away Operation



The PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer stands as a cutting-edge aggregation instrument tailored for a spectrum of applications, spanning Clinical, Reference, and Research Laboratory settings. Renowned for its exceptional user-friendliness and adherence to standardized test procedures, this advanced aggregometer ensures swift and routine testing for platelet function, providing comprehensive results that encompass the area under the curve, area under the slope, and customizable user-defined analyses.

What sets the PAP-8E apart is its capacity to operate with efficiency across eight independently operated test channels, delivering nine test results per channel. The utilization of standard micro-volume (225uL) samples enhances practicality and resource efficiency. Users have the flexibility to define test templates and protocols, contributing to a versatile testing environment. The system's walk-away operation further streamlines processes, allowing for seamless integration into laboratory workflows.

The PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer serves as a complete test system, encompassing essential components such as the aggregometer itself, an All-In-One Wireless Computer, PAP-8E System Software, a Programmable Electronic Pipette with Charging Stand, Microsoft® Office Suite, and a Color Printer (available in the US and Canada).

Moving beyond its hardware specifications, the PAP-8E emerges as a comprehensive diagnostic tool with diverse applications. It facilitates Routine and Special Aggregation Testing, assesses Ristocetin CoFactor Activity, analyzes the effects of Anti-Platelet Drugs, and detects Heparin-Induced Thrombocytopenia. Tailored specifically to support the identification and diagnosis of hemostasis disorders, both inherited and acquired platelet dysfunctions, this system excels in measuring the speed and extent of activation, aggregation, agglutination, and inhibition reactions.

Operators benefit from on-screen timers and audible alarms, enabling multitasking during incubation and test sequences. The device's efficient use of micro-volume quantities minimizes sample and reagent consumption, contributing to cost-effective and sustainable laboratory practices. Preprogrammed procedure templates triggered by agonists facilitate a variety of tests, ensuring consistent and standardized testing procedures over time.

Seamlessly blending precision, efficiency, and versatility, the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer remains at the forefront of Platelet Function technology with its continuous upgrades. This comprehensive instrument, designed for clinical, reference, and research laboratory applications, undergoes perpetual evolution in both software and hardware. From dynamic software enhancements to meticulous hardware improvements and an integrated All-In-One Computer System, the PAP-8E adapts to the evolving landscape, ensuring it stays on par with the latest advancements. This commitment not only preserves its relevance but propels it forward as an agile and responsive diagnostic tool, meeting the diverse demands of modern laboratory environments.



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