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ISO 13485 Registered Compant


Bio/Data Corporation Ensures ISO 13485 Compliance, Enhancing Global Reach for Medical Device Manufacturers.

In the year 2004, Bio/Data Corporation took a significant step forward by voluntarily embracing the ISO Quality Management System Standards, solidifying its commitment to exceptional quality practices. This dedication has been unwavering, and over the subsequent years, the company has consistently upheld and advanced these standards. Notably, in 2005, Bio/Data Corporation achieved a milestone as its Quality System officially secured registration, demonstrating compliance with the ISO 9001:2000 Standard.

Building upon this accomplishment, the company proactively expanded its quality objectives, prioritizing the integration of ISO's medical device-specific Standard into its Quality Management System. This strategic move aimed to fortify the company's capabilities in manufacturing medical devices that not only align with customer expectations but also adhere to stringent regulatory requirements. The fruition of this effort was marked by the successful attainment of ISO 13485 registration in 2006.

ISO 13485, recognized as a pivotal standard within the medical device industry, serves as a comprehensive guide for organizations. It ensures that companies operating in this sector can consistently produce medical devices that meet the dual criteria of customer satisfaction and compliance with regulatory standards. The adoption of ISO 13485 by Bio/Data Corporation reflects a proactive stance toward maintaining the highest standards in the design, production, and servicing of medical devices.


Facilitating and validating this commitment is BSI Management Systems, the accredited ISO registrar for Bio/Data Corporation. This external entity plays a crucial role in the company's quality assurance processes. Through periodic audits, BSI Management Systems rigorously assesses Bio/Data Corporation's quality systems, product performance, regulatory compliance, and customer satisfaction. These audits serve as a verification mechanism, ensuring ongoing adherence to the latest versions of each ISO Standard. The collaboration with BSI underscores Bio/Data Corporation's unwavering dedication to not only meeting but surpassing the industry's highest quality and safety benchmarks in its operations.

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