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Enhance Platelet Aggregation Testing Accuracy with Our Top-Quality Consumables

Bio/Data Corporation provides a comprehensive range of consumable items crucial for the proper handling and testing of platelet aggregation. The product line includes Micro Test Tubes, Macro Test Tubes, Micro Stir Bars, Macro Stir Bars, MagneTubes, Picus Pipette Tips, Sample Tubes and Caps, Disposable Transfer Pipettes, Printer Paper, and Profiler Paper.  These consumables are essential for ensuring accurate and efficient handling of samples and reagents during the testing process, which is vital for obtaining reliable results in laboratory or clinical platelet aggregation tests. It's essential to adhere to best practices and utilize high-quality consumables to maintain the integrity of the testing process and ensure trustworthy results.

Stir Bars & Test Tubes
MagneTube - Stir Bars and Test Tubes

Catalog # 107146

Sample Tube Caps
Sample Tube Caps

Catalog # 106899

Test Tubes, Macro
Test Tubes Macro

Catalog # 100336

Pipette Tips, Tower Refill

Catalog # 106554

Sample Tubes
Sample Tubes

Catalog # 106853

Test Tubes, Micro
Test Tubes Micro

Catalog # 101521

Printer Paper
Printer Paper PAP-4 Series

Catalog # 105598

Stir Bars, Macro
Stir Bars Macro

Catalog # 105977

Transfer Pipettes,
Transfer Pipettes Disposable

Catalog # 106852

Profiler Paper
Profiler Paper PAP-4 Series

Catalog # 101375

Stir Bars, Micro
Stir Bars Micro

Catalog # 105990

In platelet aggregation testing, the role of consumable products cannot be overstated. These items are the backbone of a seamless and reliable testing process, impacting the accuracy and integrity of results. Let's delve a bit deeper into the significance of some of these consumable products:

  • Sample Handling: Micro and Macro Test Tubes, along with sample tubes and caps, are indispensable for collecting, storing, and testing blood samples. Precise handling and containment of these samples are pivotal in ensuring the consistency and reliability of platelet aggregation tests.

  • Mixing Efficiency: Micro Stir Bars, Macro Stir Bars, and MagneTubes play a vital role in mixing reagents and samples effectively. The uniform dispersion of components is crucial for obtaining consistent and dependable results.

  • Precision in Pipetting: The Picus Pipette Tips are designed to work seamlessly with the Picus Pipette System, offering unparalleled precision in liquid handling. This precision is critical when dealing with small sample volumes, where accuracy is paramount.

  • Data Documentation: Printer Paper and Profiler Paper come into play when it's time to document and record the results of platelet aggregation tests. Clear, high-quality printouts and profiles are essential for maintaining accurate records and facilitating analysis.


Ensuring that these consumable products are of high quality and in line with best practices is non-negotiable for any laboratory or clinical setting conducting platelet aggregation testing. When these consumables are used correctly, they not only streamline the process but also contribute to the reliability and trustworthiness of the results. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting with platelet aggregation testing, having the right consumables at your disposal is the key to success.

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