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Transforming Platelet Studies: Bio/Data Corporation's Innovative RUO Reagents

Bio/Data Corporation specializes in providing Platelet Aggregation Research Use Only (RUO) Reagents for platelet aggregation studies and related research purposes. This line you mentioned includes Trap-6 Amide, U-46619 TX A2, and UPTT Reagent.  These reagents are essential tools in research aimed at understanding platelet function, blood coagulation, and related aspects of hemostasis. Researchers use them to study how platelets respond to various agonists and to investigate the factors and conditions that affect platelet aggregation, which is a critical process in blood clot formation.

TRAP-6 Amide
Trap-6 Amide

Catalog # 106956

U-46619 TX A2
U-46619 TX A2

Catalog # 107462

UPTT Reagent
UPTT Reagent

Catalog # 105997

Platelet Aggregation Research Use Only (RUO) Reagents are a cornerstone of scientific investigations into platelet aggregation and related areas of study. These specialized reagents, designed for research purposes, offer researchers essential tools to explore the complex dynamics of platelet function, blood coagulation, and hemostasis. Whether it's the activation of platelets through agonists, the examination of various factors affecting platelet aggregation, or the understanding of critical processes in blood clot formation, RUO Reagents play a pivotal role in advancing our knowledge of these fundamental aspects of physiology and pathophysiology. They are indispensable in enabling breakthroughs in research and have the potential to shape future therapeutic strategies in fields such as cardiology, hematology, and beyond.

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