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Preventive Maintenance Increases Platelet Aggregometers Reliability, Minimizes Downtown, Assures Performance to Published Specification, and Meets Regulatory and Accrediting Authority Requirements.​

Loaner Analyzers are Available to the Customer without a Rental Fee. Preventive Maintenance and QC Certificates Issued, along with a Calibration Sticker.

The Preventive Maintenance on your Platelet Aggregation Profiler, PAP-8E Includes:

  •  Thorough Inspection of all Electromechanical Assemblies and Components

  •  Comprehensive Ground Continuity and Line Leakage Testing

  •  Calibration of all Optics, Circuits and Channels

  •  Complete Cleaning of the Interior and Exterior

  •  Full Performance Verification and Documentation

  •  Preventive Maintenance and QC Certificates, along with Calibration Sticker

  •  Loaners Available

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