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PAP-8E Aggregometer, Pipette, and PDQ Centrifuge


Reliable Platelet Aggregometers: Our Commitment to Preventive Maintenance and Seamless Support

Implementing a rigorous preventive maintenance program is pivotal for enhancing the reliability of platelet aggregometers. This proactive approach not only extends the lifespan of these crucial instruments but also minimizes downtime, ensuring optimal and consistent performance. By adhering to a well-structured preventive maintenance schedule, the risk of unexpected malfunctions is significantly reduced, providing researchers with a stable platform for their platelet aggregation studies.

Our commitment to preventive maintenance seamlessly aligns with stringent regulatory and accrediting authority requirements, ensuring strict compliance with industry standards. This dedication guarantees that platelet aggregometers consistently meet specified performance criteria, reinforcing their reliability and adherence to established guidelines. To support uninterrupted workflows in research and diagnostics, we offer loaner analyzers at no additional rental fee, allowing laboratories to maintain operations seamlessly during the maintenance of their primary platelet aggregometers.

Complementing these efforts, customers receive comprehensive documentation, including preventive maintenance and quality control certificates. These certificates serve as tangible proof of our meticulous care in upholding the instruments' operational integrity. A calibration sticker is also provided, offering a visible indicator of the equipment's precise adherence to calibration standards. Together, these measures exemplify our commitment to quality assurance, regulatory compliance, and customer support, empowering researchers with confidence and tools for cutting-edge platelet aggregation studies and related research endeavors.

The Preventive Maintenance on your PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Includes:​

  •  Thorough Inspection of all Electromechanical Assemblies and Components

  •  Comprehensive Ground Continuity and Line Leakage Testing

  •  Calibration of all Optics, Circuits and Channels

  •  Complete Cleaning of the Interior and Exterior

  •  Full Performance Verification and Documentation

  •  Preventive Maintenance and QC Certificates, along with Calibration Sticker

  •  Loaners Available

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