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Picus Pipette Tips Refill

Catalog No.:        106554

Net Contents:      10 x 96 / Case


Simplify Your Lab Routine: Easily Purchase Tower Refill Sartorius Picus Pipette Tips for Seamless Pipetting

Tower Refill Sartorius Picus Pipette Tips

  • 10-350 uL Sample or Reagent Volume

  • 51 mm Length

  • Made with High Quality Polypropylene


The Tower Refill Tips for the Picus Pipette are meticulously designed to elevate your laboratory experience. With a sample or reagent volume range of 10-350 uL and a length of 51 mm, these tips are crafted with precision from high-quality polypropylene, ensuring optimal performance in your pipetting tasks.
Not just limited to exceptional design, the Tower Refill Sartorius Picus Pipette Tips come conveniently packaged with dimensions of 380 × 145 × 115 mm, providing you with a neatly organized solution for your laboratory needs. Each case contains 10 boxes, with 96 tips in each box, offering a total of 960 tips per case.
In addition to their convenience, these pipette tips play a crucial role in sample preparation and testing for platelet aggregation. Their precise design and reliable performance make them an indispensable asset in your research and analysis endeavors. Choose Tower Refill Sartorius Picus Pipette Tips for a seamless and efficient laboratory experience.

What sets these pipette tips apart is not just their quality and quantity but the ease with which you can replenish your supplies. We understand the importance of uninterrupted workflows in your lab, which is why we've made it effortless to repurchase Tower Refill Sartorius Picus Pipette Tips. Simply add he pipette tips with your monthly Aggregation Reagent order to ensure that you always have a steady supply of these essential tools.


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