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PAP-8E Two Year Extended Warranty

Catalog No.:        106846 


Two-Year Extended Warranty for Reliable Performance with the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer

The PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer Two-Year Extended Warranty

  • Ensure Defect Free Workmanship and Materials

  • Cost Effective

  • Extend Original Manufacturer's Warranty

  • Loaners Available at No Charge

  • Preventive Maintenance Included at No Charge for Each Year of Warranty


Elevate your confidence in platelet aggregation analysis with the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer's Two-Year Extended Warranty. This comprehensive warranty not only extends the coverage beyond the original manufacturer's terms but also ensures a commitment to defect-free workmanship and materials. As you invest in the longevity of your equipment, rest assured that your PAP-8E is fortified to deliver reliable results consistently, backed by a warranty that reflects our dedication to uncompromising quality.

Our Two-Year Extended Warranty stands out as a cost-effective solution to protect your valuable investment. We understand the importance of providing assurance without straining your budget, making this warranty an intelligent choice for those seeking long-term equipment care without financial burdens.

Beyond the standard manufacturer's warranty, our commitment to your satisfaction is exemplified in the extended duration of coverage. The confidence we have in the durability and performance of the PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer is mirrored in the extended warranty, offering you an extended safety net for continued peace of mind.

In the rare event that your equipment requires service, our no-charge loaner program ensures minimal disruption to your operations. We prioritize your workflow, providing a seamless experience even during maintenance, with complimentary loaners available to keep your processes running smoothly.

As part of our dedication to proactive care, preventive maintenance is included at no charge for each year covered by the extended warranty. This ensures that your PAP-8E Platelet Aggregometer receives the attention it deserves, reducing the likelihood of unforeseen issues and maintaining optimal performance throughout the extended coverage period.

Choose the PAP-8E's Two-Year Extended Warranty for a worry-free, cost-effective, and reliable solution to your platelet aggregation analysis needs.



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