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Pipette Charging Stand

Catalog No.:        106560

Net Contents:      1 Each


Picus Pipette Charging Stand: Elevate Performance with Efficient, Contamination-Proof Power Boost.

For Use with Sartorius Picus Pipette​


  • Charges Battery In Stand

  • Prevents Contamination

  • Keeps Pipette in Good, Working Order

  • Universal Charger


The SARTORIUS Single Position Pipette Charging Stand is designed to optimize your laboratory workflow with its multifaceted benefits. This specialized stand not only charges the pipette battery efficiently but also serves as a reliable guardian against contamination, ensuring that your pipette remains in optimal working order.

Efficient Battery Charging: The pipette charging stand streamlines the charging process, guaranteeing a quick and efficient replenishment of your pipette's battery, reducing downtime in your laboratory operations.
Contamination Prevention: With a focus on maintaining the purity of your samples, the stand incorporates measures to prevent contamination, safeguarding the integrity of your research and experimental results.
Maintenance of Working Order: Keep your pipette in top-notch condition with our charging stand. By providing a dedicated space for your pipette, the stand minimizes wear and tear, contributing to the longevity and consistent performance of your essential laboratory tool.

Universal Charger: Versatility is at the forefront with the universal charger, compatible with various SARTORIUS pipette models. This ensures that the charging stand is a comprehensive solution for your diverse pipetting needs.

Invest in the SARTORIUS Single Position Pipette Charging Stand for a seamless blend of functionality, convenience, and protection for your valuable laboratory equipment. Elevate your pipetting experience with this thoughtfully designed solution.


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