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ADP is for use in routine platelet aggregation studies for the evaluation of platelet dysfunction or platelet activation.

Quick Facts

  • Lyophilized for long term storage and stability

  • Evaluate platelet dysfunction

  • Evaluate platelet activation

  • Monitor anti platelet therapy

  • Stimulate platelet shape change

  • Monitor LVAD implants

  • Working concentration 2 x 10-4 M (200 ᄉM)

  • Final concentration 2 x 10-5 M (20 ᄉM)

  • Release endogenous ADP for (biphasic) secondary wave of aggregation




ADP is a lyophilized preparation of adenosine-5メ-diphosphate. The working concentration of the reconstituted reagent is 2 x 10-4ᅠM Net Contents:3 x 0.5mL

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