About Us

Bio/Data Corporation supports the physicians, scientists, medical technologists and technicians in laboratories around the world who work to develop groundbreaking products that lead to a better understanding of hemostasis, thrombosis and platelet function. We are proud to support their work discovering better treatments that improve the quality of patients’ lives.

We are singularly focused on creating instruments, reagents and consumables that provide medical professionals with reliable test results for assessing various stages of hemostasis and platelet function disorders, including von Willebrand Disease and Glanzmann’s Disease, and for monitoring the use of anti-platelet drugs like Plavix® and Aspirin.

Founded in 1969, Bio/Data Corporation pioneered the use of optical and kinetic clot detection for coagulation analyzers and introduced the first automated platelet aggregometer in 1974. We continued to lead the industry by introducing the first dual channel platelet aggregometer and offering a complete line of aggregation reagents. We also launched the first von Willebrand (vW) Factor Assay® kit.

Bio/Data Corporation also introduced the first 4-channel Platelet Aggregometer "model PAP-4" capable of performing chromogenic assays and platelet aggregration on micro-volume samples. Today our Gold Standard Platelet Aggregometer the PAP-8E, offers 8 channels, standard micro-volumes, touch screen simplicity and an enhanced Ristocetin CoFactor assay with multipoint standard curves.

Bio/Data Corporation currently holds more than a dozen US patents and trademarks. Today, we continue to develop new instruments, aggregation reagents, consumables and software for clinical, research, analytical and bio-tech laboratories as well as for clinical research trials.