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vW Factor Assay®

Ristocetin CoFactor Activity — C/N 103025

The vW Factor Assay® is a system of reagents and control plasmas for the evaluation of von Willebrand Syndrome.

Net Contents: 20 Test Kit
Lyophilized Platelets (2 x 4.0mL),
Ristocetin Reagent (2 x 0.5mL),
Normal Reference Plasma (2 x 0.5mL),
Abnormal Control Plasma (2 x 0.5mL),
Tris Buffered Saline (2 x 10mL), and Graph Paper.

Product Overview

Ristocetin CoFactor is the in vitro activity of the von Willebrand Factor which is responsible for the agglutination of platelets in the presence of Ristocetin. Decreased von Willebrand Factor is associated with the von Willebrand Syndrome, thus making quantification of the Ristocetin CoFactor activity most valuable in the diagnosis and evaluation of this coagulopathy. Levels of this Ristocetin CoFactor activity are determined by the ability of the test plasma and Ristocetin to induce the agglutination of a standardized platelet suspension.

Quick Facts

  • Quantify Ristocetin Cofactor Activity
  • 20 determination kit

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