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For over 50 years, Bio/Data Corporation has been a leading manufacturer and distributor of platelet function, thrombosis and hemostasis products. We provide instruments, reagents, controls, consumables and accessories to hospital, university and clinical laboratories worldwide. Additionally, we supply products to research, biotechnology and pharmaceutical laboratories. Because of their consistent accuracy and reliability, our Platelet Aggregometers have been repeatedly selected for significant compound clinical and research studies.

Our Mission Statement

Bio/Data Corporation's mission is to create value for its customers and employees by developing innovative technologies, delivering superior products and providing outstanding support and service.

This mission has enabled Bio/Data Corporation to provide medical professionals with test results that serve as a vital pathway for assessing various stages of hemostasis and platelet function disorders, including von Willebrand Disease and Glanzmann's Disease, and to monitor the use of antiplatelet drugs like Plavix® and Aspirin. 

Bio/Data Corporation is an ISO 13485:2016 Registered Company

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